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Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

The bubble machine is a great little machine for the little ones! The Bubble machine needs constant power and should be set up out of reach from the little ones. The bubble machine takes about 1 litre of soapy water at a time to make the bubbles, you will need to top it up periodically throughout your function. If the bubble machine is set up in the wind the bubbles will travel further and the kiddies will love to run jump and pop as many of the bubbles as possible!  It comes with a soap solution ready to mix! Delivery not included in price.

  • 350ml of soap
  • comes with a cable
  • 1 litre capacity


Please note that the bubble machine is not to be confused with the foam machine. The Foam machine produces a vast volume of tiny bubbles and comes with it’s own inflatable pit. The bubble machine only produces a few larger bubbles.


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