Characterised Cakes

Ice Cream Cakes                                                                  Sponge Cakes

Our characterised cakes are all hand crafted and sculpted into any design, shape and character of your choice! With both Ice cream and sponge cakes available, they suit any occasion and age.

2D Ice cream cake $                                                                        2D Sponge Cake $

The 2D characterised cakes are a flat cake and can either be sculpted or we can print on icing all for the same low cost!

3D ice cream cake $                                                                     3D Sponge Cake (butter icing) starting from $

The 3d characterised cakes are normally upright, taller cakes and the character would be in a seated position or multiple layers.

Ice cream cakes consist of 5L of delicious creamy vanilla ice-cream, other flavours available on request. (strawberry and chocolate)

Sponge cakes can be either vanilla or chocolate, with the finish of your choice! (buttercream icing, royal or fondant)

You can even have piñata cakes too!