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Pinatas are a fabulous game to have at any function. The excitement builds up, the kids are itching for the sweets to drop but our pinatas are made to last a little while, so it’s not over in a flash. They are fun, imaginative and unique as all pinatas are hand made, drawn and painted. Our pinatas come ready filled, however you are also welcome to add extra sweets should you want to combine the pinata with the party packs. (the extra sweets would need to be provided in advance)  A stick is provided for the piñata, if a jumping castle is on order too.

Standard Oval Shape Pinatas $

The Standard piñata comes with one picture painted on of your choice and ready filled with 20 big sweet treats and 100 small sweet treats.

Design Pinatas $

The design piñata can be made to the shape of any character and is filled with 40 big sweet treats and 200 small sweet treats.

Be sure to make a line with a children and have a sizeable gap between the person hitting and the front of the line. Tell all the children that the sweets should only be picked up once the whole pinata is broken and empty.


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